16 April, 2024

Talk with Nishant Gupta

Check out our latest Interview with Nishant Gupta from Linköping University (LIU). He is introducing his contribution to 6GTandem and main challenges with understandable examples.  
9 April, 2024

Talk with Dexin Kong

In this video you will hear what Dexin Kong from Linköping Universtiy (LIU) has to say about 6GTandem and the project’s main challenges. Have a look at it and the whole series to get to know different members of the...
3 April, 2024

Talk with Diana Osorio

In this video you can get to know Diana Osorio from Linköping University (LIU), find out what her main challenges within 6GTandem are and how she plans to solve them.  
25 March, 2024

Presentation at EuCAP 2024

Our project members from ULUND have been present at EuCAP2024 from 17th to 22nd of March in Glasgow, Scotland. The 18th edition of the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation took place at the SEC Centre (Scottish Event Campus). Yuyan...
20 March, 2024

Parisa Aghdam at Wireless Future

Our technical lead Parisa Aghdam is being interviewed by Prof. Eric Larsson (from LIU) and Prof. Emil Björnson (KTH) in their Podcast Wireless future. Have a glimpse into it and find out more about the Wireless future!  Ep 39. Radio...
14 March, 2024

Technical and General Assembly Meeting in Linköping

The 6GTandem team has met on 12th and 13th of March 2024 in Linköping for a technical and general assembly meeting, hosted by the University of Linköping. The team was discussing the status and progress of all work packages and...
5 December, 2023

Newsletter Issue 02

The second 6GTandem newsletter is now available for download. In this edition, we present a message from the technical lead, an update on current work in the project including recent meetings, a list of published & upcoming publications, an overview...
13 November, 2023

Explainer Video

For those seeking clarity on 6GTandem’s purpose or envisioning its potential, this video reveals it all in less than 3 minutes. Discover our project’s objectives and its deployment in a concise, informative clip.
31 August, 2023

A warm welcome from our Project Coordinator

Join us as we enter the world of 6GTandem, a project set to redefine the landscape of 6G technology in Europe. In this exclusive interview, Barbara Gaggl shares insights into the project’s unique aspects, diverse leadership, and dynamic team collaboration....
20 July, 2023

6GTandem at EUCNC 2023

6GTandem made a remarkable appearance at the EUCNC 2023 held in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we proudly unveiled the future of wireless connectivity. Our dedicated team members, Liesbet, Parisa, and Alex were at the forefront, representing the remarkable 6GTandem project. The...
11 July, 2023

Talk with Maria about 6GTandem

In a recent interview, Maria Jozwicka, an RF engineer at Huber + Suhner, shared insights about her involvement in the 6GTandem Project. Maria emphasized the challenges encountered and the collaborative spirit that drives the project’s success. With her background in...
4 July, 2023

Talk with Daan Delabie

In an insightful interview, Daan Delabie, a dedicated PhD student at KU LEUVEN, shares his perspective on the transformative 6GTandem Project. Focusing on XR use cases, Daan highlights the challenges of achieving high throughput, reliability, and low latency requirements. He...
6 June, 2023

Europe’s 6G Projects Revealed in SNS Journal

Europe’s journey towards 6G is filled with excitement as the SNS Journal 2023 unveils an impressive array of 35 research, innovation, and trial projects. With a substantial funding of €250 million under Horizon Europe, these projects are poised to revolutionize...
31 May, 2023

Technical Meeting Göteborg

The Project 6GTandem technical meeting held in Göteborg on May 30-31, 2023, proved to be a pivotal event in the project’s timeline. The gathering allowed the consortium to come together and assess the progress made in work package 2 and...
22 May, 2023

Talk with Buon Kiong Lau about 6GTandem

In the interview, Professor Buon Kiong Lau, a specialist in antenna system design, talks about his role in the 6GTandem Project. He discusses the challenges in the 6GTandem project and also emphasizes the collaborative nature of the project, highlighting the...
22 May, 2023

6GTandem 1st newsletter released

The 1st 6GTandem newsletter has been released, highlighting the results of the first 4 months of the project. This newsletter provides an overview of the 6GTandem project and its progress. It includes a message from the Project Coordinator, along with...
20 April, 2023

Lund WP2 Workshop

On the 19th of April 2023 in Lund, Sweden the consortium responsible for work package 2 of the 6GTandem project gathered for a workshop. The meeting was hosted by Lund University and the meeting participants actively discussed the use cases...
20 April, 2023

Talk with Herbert Zirath about 6GTandem

Herbert Zirath a Professor at Chalmers University in Sweden had an interview at the Kick-off meeting in Vienna. He describes a technical challenge in the 6GTandem project and other challenges that might come up. Herbert is looking forward to a...
4 April, 2023

Erik G. Larsson at the Kick-off meeting in Vienna

Erik G. Larsson a Professor at Linköping University in Sweden had a great talk at the technical meeting in Vienna. He describes his work in the project and the different challenges according to the upcoming tasks. Erik is excited for...
3 April, 2023

A warm welcome from our Technical Lead

Parisa Aghdam represents the Technical Lead of the 6GTandem project. As a research leader at Ericsson in Sweden, she will help managing all technical aspects and Ericsson leads different work packages during the project. In this interview Parisa will give...
29 March, 2023

A warm welcome from our Scientific Lead

Liesbet Van der Perre is a research expert at KU Leuven in Belgium and represents the Scientific Lead of the 6GTandem project. She is responsible for the scientific progress and carries an important role of achieving research and innovation goals...
8 March, 2023

SNS Lunchtime Webinar

On 6th March the 4th edition of the SNS lunchtime webinars took place. This webinar series intends to introduce the projects under the European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU). The SNS JU funds projects that shape a...
7 March, 2023

Introduction video

Introducing 6GTandem: In just 15 seconds, get ready to dive into a revolutionary project poised to redefine collaboration and connectivity. Join us as we embark on a journey to revolutionize teamwork and innovation. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our...
14 February, 2023

ETSI Research Conference 2023

On 8th February 2023 the 6GTandem technical lead, Parisa Aghdam from Ericsson AB, presented the Horizon Europe 6GTandem project within the ETSI Research Conference. Parisa provided an overview of the dual-frequency distributed MIMO approach for future 6G applications to the...
31 January, 2023

6GTandem kicked off

The Horizon Europe 6GTandem project was successfully kicked-off during a face-2-face meeting from 25th – 26th January 2023. The nine project partners met in Vienna/Austria to recap the planned work and activities for the next 42 months. The basis for...