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27 March, 2024

Scientific Publication

The paper “Circularly Polarized Sub-THz Antenna Design for Distributed Deployment” was presented at EuCAP 2024. The authors are Yuyan Cao, Maciej Wojnowski and Buon Kiong Lau.

13 December, 2023

Scientific publication

The paper “Impact of array configuration on head-mounted display performance at mmWave bands” is now available for open access on ArXiv. The authors are Alexander Marinsek, Xuesong Cai, Lieven De Strycker, Fredrik Tufvesson and Liesbet Van der Perre.

11 December, 2023

6GTandem Newsletter Issue 02

The 2nd 6GTandem newsletter has been released, which is focused on the current status of the project and future plans.

28 November, 2023

Scientific Publication

An Open Dataset Storage Standard for 6G Testbeds has been published by Gilles Callebaut, Michiel Sandra, Christian Nelson, Thomas Wilding, Daan Delabie, Benjamin J. B. Deutschmann, William Tärneberg, Emma Fitzgerald, Liesbet Van der Perre from the 6GTandem consortium. The paper was successfully presented at IEEE CAMA 2023.

16 October, 2023

Scientific Publication

The paper 6G Radio Testbeds: Requirements, Trends, and Approaches, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Microwave Magazine’s Wireless Communications Focus Issue by the MTT-S TC-23. The authors are Gilles CallebautLiang LiuThomas ErikssonLiesbet Van der PerreOve Edfors and Christian Fager.

22 May, 2023

6GTandem Newsletter Issue 01

The 1st 6GTandem newsletter has been released, which is focused on the results of the first 4 project months.

14 February, 2023

ETSI Research Conference 2023

On 8th February 2023 the 6GTandem technical lead, Parisa Aghdam from Ericsson AB, presented the Horizon Europe 6GTandem project within the ETSI Research Conference.

2 February, 2023

6GTandem Leaflet

The official leaflet of the Horizon Europe project “6GTandem” is available, containing project information, mission, vision and goals of the project.

23 January, 2023

6GTandem Announcement Letter

The Horizon Europe project “6GTandem” will co-design novel dual-frequency operation at sub-10 GHz and sub-THz frequencies and a new highly integrated and distributed radio transceiver architecture to deliver high-performance energy efficient services for future 6G applications.

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